The EnvironmentalCheckerOutdoor provides you with an end-to-end solution for continuous outdoor air quality monitoring


  • Flexible sensor equipment

  • Fully modular

  • Active sampling
  • Multiple inlets
  • Robust design for outdoor use
  • Allows validation compliant to oncoming European Standard CEN/TC264 WG41

Optimized for individual measurement sites

ECO Ambient

  • Flexible sensor equipment

  • Partly modular housing with optimized diffusion access

  • Cost-efficient sensor nodes for spatially distributed ambient monitoring

Optimized for individual measurement sites < 10 nodes

Currently not available


  • Dynamically operated metal oxide sensors

  • Optional PM measurement

  • Energy-efficient
  • Cost-optimized measuring node for large sensor networks

Optimized for large sensor networks >> 10 nodes


Anomaly detection

24/7 measurements

Spatially comprehensive

ECO device family

The ECO device family enables application-oriented and versatile solutions for all application scenarios in the field of emission and impact site monitoring. The ECO detects odors and pollutants continuously and reproducibly.

Data are transmitted to a backend server via mobile network, WIFI, or ethernet for aggregation and processing. The information obtained is available in real-time and can be accessed via dashboard or interface to third-party systems.

Thus, the ECO device family is perfectly suited for complex applications in infrastructure monitoring and environmental protection.

A seamless combination of device variants is possible in order to combine their respective advantages for a tailored solution.

Application examples

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