Our technoloy

Sensors, signal processing, systems – in short 3S – define our technology and our daily business

3S-Technology – intelligent gas detection

By combining gas sensors of various manufacturers and detection principles, we achieve the optimal performance of our systems. Our technological approach offers the following advantages:

Highest sensitivity

Best selectivity

Greatest stability

The following technology elements and their combination, our German Engineering, and decades of practical experience and scientific expertise enable the unique performance of our product platforms and solutions.
Core elements of our technology are:

Evaluation of multi gas sensor signals by means of artificial intelligence

The measured data of gas sensors in modulated operation are evaluated by the latest methods of signal processing and artificial intelligence. This enables qualitative as well as quantitative characterization of the gas atmosphere. Thus, different conditions or quality levels can be detected, and single concentrations can be measured.

Patented method for gas flow control

In our systems with active sampling, a sophisticated testing procedure of various phases enables optimal control of the gas flow and a perfectly matched application of the inlet gas mixture to the sensors.

Modulated operating of gas sensors

The information density of sensor signals can be increased considerably by modulation of the operating parameters of the gas sensors used. In this field, we pioneer since our company was founded. Many years ago, we commercialized the temperature modulated operating mode of metal oxide gas sensors, and we are still leading by further development and transferring this approach to other sensor principles.

In order to enhance our experience in technology, we currently participate in the following
R&D projects


Sensor networks for objective perception of odor sources


Pollutants and smart city


Development of a cost-efficient, modular sensor system for spatial pollutant monitoring


Reliable food loss prevention by detection of ripening and spoiling processes with intelligent sensor systems