Our solutions

Our goal is to create added value for our customers!

Whether hydrogen detection, monitoring of battery condition, food freshness, explosion prevention or other gas sensor applications: Please contact us and tell us about your specific problem! We will offer you a customer-specific and high-level solution …

… by customization of existing products or system platforms

Based on our system platforms, we use our expertise, the wide range of configuration possibilities, and parts of our accessories portfolio to develop a complete solution for your problem.

… by developing innovative solutions

We are specialized in developing sophisticated and scalable solutions that – in most cases as white-label modules both integrated and stand-alone – improve the product portfolio of our customers.

… by great expertise in production

The production of such modules requires great expertise, especially in calibration. Concurrently with development and in preparation of serial production, we develop and assemble customized test and calibration rigs that allow a scalable highest quality production.

The innovative power of our development team and the meticulousness and expertise of our production team make us the optimal partner for holistic and end-to-end realization of sophisticated and innovative products – making a difference for our customers!