The EnvironmentalCheckerIndoor offers continuous indoor air quality monitoring

  • Provides objective monitoring of indoor air quality

  • Increases air quality and thus productivity and well-being indoors

  • Measures individually selected odors and gases by applying 3S technology

  • Enables evaluation of air-purifying or odor-inhibiting measures

Precise and discreet monitoring for all interior rooms



Premium& compact



The EnvironmentalCheckerIndoor detects indoor odors and pollutants objectively, continuously, and reproducibly. All relevant parameters (CO2, PM, VOC, temperature, humidity) of air quality are measured in diffusion operation. The measured data are provided via MQTT or a customizable API and can be used for optimizing buildings, e.g., by controlling the ventilation, or the data are visualized in a dashboard. Thus, the ECI is the basis for increasing air quality.

During production, the ECI undergoes a complex calibration process that (re)calibrates all built-in sensors and that is unique in this device class. Further measurement signals (e.g., specific gases or odors) can be added by adapting the calibration and applying the 3S technology.

Application examples

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