Our mission

We make the performance of gas detection systems perfect and create innovative solutions for the assessment of product and air quality – for today and tomorrow!

Our portfolio

We are the leading manufacturer of systems for gas-based quality measurement control. Besides our “Made in Germany” high-quality standard products, we also provide
specially composed product packages and customer-specific solutions!

Air quality & process monitoring

Odors & pollutant

Our detection systems monitor processes and the quality of air outdoors and indoors

Product quality & material quality

Leak integrity & odor

Our detection systems monitor the quality of products as for leak integrity and odor

Projects & solutions

White Label & customer-specific

We develop innovative solutions specifically for you

Our competences and key features

All we do is characterized by great expertise and a high depth of development
in engineering of products as well as production equipment
for testing and calibrating gas sensor systems.
Our competences are:

Gas sensor applications

AI-based algorithms for data evaluation

Firm- and software


Construction & Fluidics

Benefit from our expertise and key features !

20 years of know how
in gas sensor technology and its application


Own product portfolio in monitoring
pollutants and odors



Leak testing based on forming gas
in order to replace helium solutions

Great expertise
testing and monitoring of battery conditions


Great experience
in monitoring and detecting trace concentrations of hydrogen


Many years of experience
in developing products, also together with Big players



Announcements & news

Partners & References