The LeakCheckerSpot offers leak testing of products and components in laboratory and production

  • Provides integral leak testing down to 10‑6 mbar l/s
  • Most cost-effective and sustainable method of gas-based leak testing

  • Flexible test gases

  • Flexible testing of liquid-filled and gas-filled products

Software configurable detector for using various test gases




Modular & flexible


The LeakCheckerSpot is a leakage testing device that enables cost-efficient and reproducible inspection of various test objects (finished products as well as individual components). Together with a customer specific test chamber and fluidic connection to the device, the LeakCheckerSpot offers a compact test setup that impresses with its simple handling of the test item.

Thanks to the patented LeakCheckerSpot process, two applications of gas-based leak testing can be covered:

Broadband detection of different volatiles and gases when testing liquid- and gas-filled products

Specific detection of tracer gases introduced when testing components and molded parts

The modular, maintenance-optimized design of the LeakCheckerSpot scales very well with the throughput of the application and enables the most cost-effective and sustainable method of gas-based leak testing by using forming gas 95/5 instead of for example helium.

Application examples

Medical Technology


Fuel cells

Automotive industry

Mechanical engineering

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