The OdorCheckerSpot offers odor assessment of products and materials in laboratory and production

  • Enables quality control of the feature “odor”
  • Replaces human sensory panels to a great extent
  • Provides fast test results without complicated analytics
  • Highly versatile tool by flexible configuration

Trained performanceTraining of the detector can be transferred from sensor to sensor


Fit for process

Objektive & reproducible



The OCS is a software-controlled testing device that enables objective and reproducible odor and emission assessment for a wide variety of DUTs (finished products, parts, and components as well as raw materials). The system covers three methods of testing:

Good/unknown discrimination

Classification of odors into quality classes

Classification of an odor into different grades of intensity

Together with a test chamber and fluidic connection, the OCS offers a compact test setup with straightforward sample handling. The modular system design enables adaptation to individual requirements and makes the system easy to maintain.

After being instructed, the user has wide access to the technology parameters by a special software tool kit. Thus, the complete solution can be used for various applications.

Application examples

Plastics Processing


Food Industry

Quality Control of Aromas


Textile Industry

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